April 24, 2017
March 2009 Newsletter
BIBA Wishes Everyone a Happy Norouz
Norouz; a timeless message of
hope and striving for prosperity
Norouz, the 3000 year old Iranian New Year and now a world heritage, has arrived again, bringing with it, its universal and everlasting message of hope and solidarity for mankind through mutual understanding and striving for prosperity even in face of the most adverse conditions.
For us, the Custodians of this great celebration, Norouz acts as a living reminder of how our forefathers sought unity of purpose in their lives by sharing their happiness and achievements and preserved and passed this noble heritage to the future generations.
In a world that is fraught with inequalities, conflicts, insecurity and misunderstanding among all, we need to rekindle the message of festivities like Norouz as part of our daily lives, for a better future.
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How important to business is
Positive Public Relations (PPR)?
  Control of Flow of
  You are cordially invited to
BIBA 123rd Meeting
on Friday 27th March 2009
London Hilton, Park Lane, W1
Friday 27th March 2009
7 - 9 pm
Admission Free
BIBA, British-Iranians, & PR
Much publicity about Iran is negative, but British-Iranians have generated much positive PR; Omid Djalili, Christian Amanpour, Camila Batmanghelidj, Mansour Bahrami, to mention a
Omid Djalili, one of Britain's best known contemporary comic performers and multi award-winning stand-up, now writes and appears in his own BBC ONE show. Peter Fincham, BBC ONE Controller, says: “Omid is a very special talent and brings something very different to BBC ONE. “
Further more, over the past ten years, the British- Iranians have become the second highest earners in the UK, according to the BBC.
For the last 16 years the purpose of BIBA has been to have some influence over the flow of information about British-Iranians.
BIBA has always promoted the notion of Open Society.
Centres of Influence in the
British-Iranian community
Acentre of influence is an organisation or individual with a political, social or financial influence on the community. Crowd Dynamics show that for any society only 1-2% of people try to become centres of influence; less than 0.1% succeed; and even a smaller number stay active for more than 3 years. The latter are the best at PR.
Total understanding of the structure of society is essential for Mass Public Relations
Of the 100,000 British-Iranians in the UK, about 800 have tried to become centres of influence in the last 30 years, forming organisations or being an activist. Only 78 of them have succeeded in maintaining an influence for more than 3 years. Many groups have formed but withered away after a few years. Of the 78, only 33 are still active.
Total British–Iranian Population (UK) 100,000
Potentially influential 2,000
Tried to be influential 800
Succeeded in being influential 78
Presently actively influential 33
Of these 78, only 33 are still active:
1.   8 Associations..........such as BIBA.
2.   2 Media Personalities
3.   4 Media Organisations
4.   1 Politician
5.   4 Business Personalities
6.   2 Academics
7.   1 Civil Servant
The next 11 centres of influence are:
1.   4 Charities
2.   3 Social Personalities
3.   1 Entertainer
4.   3 Prominent Families           BIBA Research 2009
Ethics & Morality Cornerstone of PR
PR is not just about being nice and polite, but it is mostly about telling the truth
The notion is, that unless accurate and open information is made available all the time, effective control of flow of information is useless, as sooner or later, you will be found out. No amount of spin can hide the truth.
Hoarding could be tantamount to misrepresentation or even worse, suspicion. Why hide when there is nothing to hide? The recent financial meltdown has not been due to the collapse of Capitalism, Banking, or general morality in business, but it has been due to the collapse of Corporate Morality. No PR could have prevented it.
A ghetto of greed
Lord Andrew Phillips
of Sudbury

The Guardian Newspaper,
16 Oct. 2008

“In 1964... personal reputation, ethical as well as functional, meant everything. It was a powerful constraint on conduct. The City take-over panel, for example, functioned well without any statutory backing.
Today ethical reputation and peer pressure are enfeebled. For example, many top investment banks - Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs among them - were convicted of extensive dotcom frauds but their businesses were scarcely affected. And when KPMG in the US was convicted three years ago of conspiring with clients to defraud the Internal Revenue Service, KPMG UK continued to garner government contracts. Under pressure, ends too often justify means (short selling et al). Hyper-cleverness too easily trumps probity (eg. AIG).”
BIBA acknowledges with thanks Lord Phillips’ continuous affiliation with our organisation
and his kind help in inviting Vincent Cable, acting leader of the Liberal Democrats to
BIBA 119th meeting.
Hoarding information;
An Iranian Trade Mark??
Sara Phillips (Rezaie)
“PR could be a sticky point when dealing with Iranians and generally people of the mid east: whilst unconsciously they are very good at interpersonal relationship with people around them, they fail to fulfil the 'flow of information' bit of 'PR'. It is human nature to 'hoard' information. In the developed world however where business is conducted within a frame work hence PR, market research and advertising, 'flow of information' has to take place. I feel the Iranian community, whilst often quiet successful in 'business' they fail in PR and successful advertising just because of the 'hoarding' element - networking is primitive.”
Before taking on her first translation of the epic, ‘Khanoum’, Sara engaged in working for the Royal Philatelic Society, Christie’s and trained to teach secondary school sciences.
British Best at PR
Americans Best
at Marketing
British have been conducting PR through the media for decades. BBC has broadcast news to its worldwide audience since 1922. BBC World Service is Britain’s global PR organisation. Whereas the British mastered Public Relations to positively influence Public opinion, America mastered marketing, in order to sell products to consumers.
PR is about winning Hearts & Minds
PR emerged out of war time Propaganda. Propaganda is as old as civilisation. Whereas primitive societies ruled mainly through fear and intimidation, more advanced cultures depended on discussion and debate. As rulers sought to build consensus, persuasion became less and less grounded in force and more and more grounded in words.
Talk Synopsis BIBA 123rd Meeting
BIBA in 2009
For 2009 we have planned a number of business meetings on the topic of Public Relations (PR).
To begin with, please take a moment and ask yourself, what you understand by the term ‘Public Relations’ (PR)? Generally Business Social Sciences are divided into three main areas: Public Relations, Marketing & Sales.
However the definition of each area, as well as its dynamics, are usually confused and not well appreciated. For example, the definition of Public Relations is; “the Control of flow of information via third parties”, whereas Marketing is about “promoting a person, a product, or a service”. Each has a different purpose.
Why a meeting about PR?
In order to be the best in the new environment we have to revisit our basic tools of business i.e. Sales, Marketing & PR.
More than any other time, this is the moment to hit the nail on the head. Whether student, graduate, employee, businessman or woman you need to communicate with your public. You need to define your public and the systems of information distribution. PR is often neglected, since we presume that a business needs to be a minimum size in order to have a ‘public’. This is a bankrupt idea, as it leads to the typical dilemma; which came first, the public or you? We believe regardless of where you are in life, you have a public at all times; therefore a strategy for positive PR is necessary.
“Anything that shows your leadership like organising a charity, a social event, or sporting event that counts a lot. If you’ve managed to show that you’ve put 20 or 30 people together it says a lot about you”.
Hossein Yossaie; CEO Imagination Technology at BIBA 114th meeting March 2006;
“Celebrating the Uncelebrated”
Imagination Technology a leading LSE listed technology company
Camila Batmanghelidj
Founder of Kids Company
As a successful personality and celebrity, raising more than £50m for charitable work, saving vulnerable children and becoming UK Woman of the Year 2006, we could learn so much from Camila about PR and its tools. As a successful psychologist we would like her to explain the human psyche and address the issues that stem from dealing with public i.e PR and offer some advice from her own experience.
  Why a meeting Now?
Clarity slowly returning
We are beginning to see some opportunities after the turmoil, while the dust from the financial fallout is beginning to settle: low interest rates, deflation, weaker Sterling, new players, new environment, anticipating long haul to recovery etc...
SWOT analysis
Strength: UK still huge economy, science based service industry, housing mainly intact despite lack of finance, repossessions are not going to be a major problem, high quality manufacturing base, highly skilled, educated and flexible labour market .
Weakness: Mainly, collapse of financial sector.
Opportunities: Rental Market, Re-Training, Export, Tourism for Business, Culture and Education.
Threat:Talking ourselves into a slump, “fear itself” turning into panic.
Vincent Cable, acting leader of the Liberal Democrats at BIBA 119th meeting, November 2007